SambaTune documentation

SambaTune is a tool for profiling and performance tuning of applications that are running on SambaNova DataScale hardware. This documentation helps you get started and includes:

  • SambaTune release notes

  • Instructions for installing and running SambaTune and an overview of a typical workflow.

  • Instructions and workflow for exploring and comparing model runs.

  • A reference to the reports that the tool generates.

SambaTune workflow overview

Concepts and workflows

The image on the right shows how SambaTune helps you iteratively find bottlenecks and improve performance.

  • SambaTune in context. Learn about the basics and understand the conceptual workflow.

  • Workflow overview. Explore diagrams and step-by-step instructions with screenshots to see how we use SambaTune at SambaNova.

Install and run

SambaTune GUI

SambaTune reports and logs

  • Explore SambaTune reports.

    • Learn about the different reports included with SambaTune and drill down to individual reports.

    • Check the high-level status, debugging errors, and substep information in SambaTune logs.