SambaFlow developer documentation

SambaFlow™ developer documentation includes release notes, quickstart, tutorials, and the Python API reference.

What’s new

This release had a focus on performance improvements that are not directly customer visible. In addition, we made stability improvements to tensor parallel compilation and mixed precision.

  • How to use tensor parallel mode (Beta). Stability enhancements to tensor parallel compilation, which automates and simplifies compiling a model to run on multiple RDUs.

  • Compile with mixed precision (Beta). Stability enhancements to mixed precision, which combines the use of different numerical formats (such as FP32 and BF16) to reduce memory footprint and speed up large neural network workloads.

For additional information, see the SambaFlow Software Release Notes.


SambaFlow in the software stack
  • Architecture and workflows. Learn how SambaFlow fits into the SambaNova hardware and software stack, and about the typical compile and run workflow.

  • Models on RDU hardware. Understand the big picture: requirements and workflow for running on RDU.

  • Compilation overview. Explore the different layers of the compiler stack and explains what happens at each layer.

  • Compiler optimization modes. Learn about compiler optimization modes that give you control over operator fusion.


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Tips and tricks

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