Installation tasks

When the SambaNova DataScale SN30 rack is rolled to its location on the datacenter floor, perform the following tasks in sequence.

If requested, SambaNova can handle the hardware installation tasks.
Task Description Notes


Ensure that you’ve performed all site preparation tasks

See Site preparation for DataScale SN30 rack installation


Inspect the rack for any damage that might have resulted from local handling or relocation within the customer facility.

Contact SambaNova customer support if you see any problems.


Leave the system on the datacenter floor for 24 hours under ambient environmental conditions before powering on the rack.

Allows the components to acclimatize to the environment, prevents the effects of sudden cooling or heating, and removes the possibility of any condensation accumulation.


Attach the rack’s bus grounding bar to the facility’s ground.

See Grounding requirements.


Permanently attach the rack to the datacenter floor in its intended location using the tie-down brackets and bolts.

Consult your facilities staff about preparing the tie-down bolt holes and locations. Lower the rack feet in each corner of the rack, if it’s standard procedure at your site.


Connect the datacenter network cable drop to the Juniper high-bandwidth data switch to ports 27-30 for LAG (see Network infrastructure requirements).

You can use a single LAG port. Ensure that the switch that is connecting to this Juniper high-bandwidth data switch is configured for a LAG. If a LAG configured port is not available from the customer switch, use port 31 on the Juniper high-bandwidth data switch.


Connect the second datacenter access network cable drop to the dongle on the left-rear vertical bar of the rack for the Lantronix serial console server management interface port

See Lantronix serial console server components (rear view)


Connect the four power plugs from the PDUs to the four 3-phase power sockets

See Facility power requirements.


Observe the rack during power-on to make sure there are no issues with the PDUs or other rack components. Determine whether any warning LEDs on the rack components are lit.

If warning or error lights appear, see the support knowledge base articles at

NOTE: In a single-node DataScale deployment, an amber light appears on port 16 of the QFX5130. This is expected behavior for this switch.