Hardware release notes (SN10 2PDU and SN10 3PDU)

This document has release notes for the SN10 2PDU and the SN10 3PDU hardware. For release notes for SN30 systems, use the version selector in the top right.

Release 1.15 (2023-03-15)

This release supports a system firmware update from 1.4.1 to 3.4.1 for SN10 2PDU systems, which identify as SN20 on the command line.

The older SN10 3PDU systems do not get a firmware upgrade and remain at 1.4.1.


This firmware upgrade supports the following new features:

  • Upgraded OpenBMC kernel and user stack

  • Security improvements

    • Required ciphers: aes128-ctr or aes256-ctr, hmac-sha2-256

    • Certificate Management

  • Enhanced xrduutil to provide PEX link status

  • Enhanced xrdutool to show additional sensors

  • Improved power efficiency control

  • Improvements to SambaNova FRU Information

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced stability issues during firmware updates

Known Issues

  • In rare cases, chassis state is not changing even after XRDU power-off

  • In rare cases, failures during system firmware updates occur

  • Console width must be greater than or equal to 80 for programming and power commands.

Release 1.12.7 (2022-06-30)

No changes in BMC and RDU-C versions.

Release 1.11.5 (2022-04-12)

No changes in BMC and RDU-C versions.

Release 1.10.3 (2022-01-20)


Vendor Released Version:

  • BMC: 1.2.2

  • RDU Controller (RDU-C): 2.4.2

Release Date:

  • BMC: 7 January 2022

  • RDU-C: 7 January 2022

Known Issues Specific to SN10-8R:


  • Details: SN10-2 BMC kernel panic during RDU power on.

  • Workaround: Please refer to KB article #1168 for further details and workaround.

Hardware components and versions

Component Version Release date







SN10-2 BMC

BMC: 1.2.2
RDU Controller (RDU-C): 2.4.2

BMC: 2022-01-07
RDU-C: 2021-04-25

Juniper Access Switch EX4300

Juno OS 18.4R2-S3


Mellanox InfiniBand Data Switch SB7800

MLNX-OS 3.9.0900


Lantronix Serial Console Server SLC 8016


Vertiv PDU UU30010L



BMC: Baseboard Management Controller
PDU: Power Distribution Unit

SambaNova Systems verifies the 3rd party firmware with the SambaFlow software stack that are contained within the SambaNova DataScale SN10-8R infrastructure patch bundle. This ensures that any 3rd party update does not negatively affect the performance and operation of the SambaNova SN10-8R.

Please refer to each of the component directories for general release note details for the vendor specific firmware releases.