Hardware release notes (SN30)

The information in these release notes has been migrated to the Runtime documentation. Contact your SambaNova representative for details on the hardware.

Release 1.15

Firmware upgrade to 3.4.1


  • Improve PCIE link stability

Bug Fixes

  • Change RDU core voltage to minimize ramp-up error

Known Issues

  • In rare cases, chassis state is not changing even after XRDU power-off

  • In rare cases, failures during system firmware updates occur

  • Console width must be greater than or equal to 80 for programming and power commands.

Release 1.12.7 (2022-06-30) - 1.14

No changes in BMC and RDU-C versions.

Release 1.11.5 (2022-04-12)

No changes in BMC and RDU-C versions.