Network administration

This page has information about network administration for the Foundation Services Rack.

  • Pointers to third-party documents for the network devices.

  • Instructions for changing passwords for the network devices.

Most users do not significantly change the configuration of the serial console server or the Juniper switches. These devices come pre-configured for each customer based on the information supplied in the site survey that was completed prior to shipment. This topic discusses only tasks that you’re likely to perform and includes example IP addresses.

For more information:

1. Default username and passwords

The following table shows several components in the Foundation Services Rack that have default passwords for users with administrative/root credentials.

SambaNova highly recommends that you change these default passwords as soon as possible. See How to change passwords for switches.
Table 1. Default usernames and passwords
Component Username Default password

Lantronix serial console server



Juniper QFX5130 high-bandwidth Ethernet data switch



Juniper EX4300 access switch



VertivTM PDU



SambaNova highly recommends that you change the default passwords at first login.

2. How to change passwords for switches

This section gives instruction for changing passwords on switches. See Default username and passwords

2.1. Juniper EX4300 access switch and QFX5130 data switch

Change password for the Juniper EX4300 access switch and QFX5130 data switch:

  1. Run the following commands:

    $ ssh root@<Juniper_switch_IP_address>
    root@:RE:0% cli
    root> configure
    root# set system root-authentication plain-text-password
    New password: <type_password>
    Retype new password: <type_password>
    root# commit
  2. Log out of the switch by using the exit command 3 times (exit config mode, exit operational mode, exit the Linux CLI)

  3. Log back in with the new password.

2.2. Lantronix SLC8000 serial console server

Change password for the Lantronix SLC8000 serial console server:

Run the following command:

$ ssh sysadmin@<Lantronix_switch_IP_address>
> set localusers password sysadmin

3. Patch releases for network devices

SambaNova provides a periodic patch release for these network devices. Customers can download these patches from the SambaNova ext-infra-patch repository. See KB article #1062 "Listing and downloading available SambaNova firmware" for details.

Patch release notes explain any steps that differ from the standard steps described in the product administration documentation.

SambaNova does not qualify all firmware releases from device manufacturers. Apply only SambaNova approved firmware updates.