SambaTune documentation

SambaTune is a tool for profiling and performance tuning of applications that are running on SambaNova DataScale hardware. This documentation helps you get started and includes:

  • Instructions for installing and running SambaTune and an overview of a typical workflow.

  • Instructions for exploring and comparing model runs.

  • A reference to the reports that the tool generates.

Simple workflow overview

The image on the right shows how SambaTune helps you iteratively find bottlenecks and improve performance.

Start with the following doc pages:

  • Get started with SambaTune. Learn about the basics and drill down to instructions for installing and running SambaTune.

  • Explore with the SambaTune GUI. After you’ve installed SambaTune on the host and installed the SambaTune GUI, you can start exploring the available information and analytics and compare runs.

  • SambaTune reports. Learn about the different reports included with SambaTune and drill down to individual reports.