SambaFlow developer documentation

SambaFlow™ developer documentation includes release notes, quickstart, tutorials, and the Python API reference.

What’s new in 1.17

  • Release notes. Learn about new features, deprecated features, and bug fixes.

  • Tutorials on GitHub. New public repo for SambaNova tutorials External link, including 2 simple tutorials for new users.


SambaFlow in the software stack
  • Architecture and workflows. Learn how SambaFlow fits into the SambaNova hardware and software stack, and about the typical compile and run workflow.

  • Models on RDU hardware. Understand the big picture: requirements and workflow for running on RDU.

  • Compilation overview. Explore the different layers of the compiler stack and explains what happens at each layer.

  • Compiler optimization modes. Learn about compiler optimization modes, new in 1.17, that give you control over operator fusion.

SambaFlow tutorials

Performance and diagnostics


Tips and tricks

Other materials