SambaNova Runtime

This document covers administrative procedures and troubleshooting information for SambaNova Runtime, the system service that provides access to the RDU chips. Some of the information is for administrators and requires superuser privileges, but other information can be helpful for developers who are troubleshooting and optimizing their models.

Concepts and components

SambaFlow stack with Runtime highlighted


Runtime and Slurm


  • SambaNova Management Layer (SNML) explains how the SNML APIs support many information retrieval tasks and some administration tasks. The doc page includes troubleshooting information and usage examples.

  • SNML API reference (all users) is a reference to SNML APIs that support retrieving information about your installation.

  • SNML API reference (admin users) is a reference to the SNML admin APIs, which support resetting RDUs, marking system faults as clear, and enabling or disabling performance counter collection.