SambaStudio documentation

The SambaNova SambaStudio documentation provides resources to become familiar with the platform, instructions for setup, and workflow examples.

login page

Get started

View the SambaStudio introduction for an overview of the core GUI areas and platform components.

The SambaStudio CLI setup describes how to install and setup the packages required to access the SambaStudio platform via the SambaNova API (snapi) command-line client.

Organizational management

Learn about SambaStudio’s structure, including users and tenants, and how to administer them for your organization. A user can be part of and assigned to multiple tenants. Organizations can leverage tenants for distinct purposes, such as development or production, and then share common resources across tenants.

Use SambaStudio

Learn how to use SambaStudio, by creating projects, adding datasets, run training jobs, deploy endpoints to generate predictions, or create a batch inference job to generate predictions on bulk data.

You can also explore the Playground. SambaStudio’s in-platform experience of generating predictions.


The model pages describe the ML App and architecture for the SambaStudio provided Language, Vision, and Speech models. You can find information on data preparation requirements, prompt and usage guidelines, and hyperparameter and inference settings.


The image classification tutorial describes a general approach to the task of categorizing an image into one or multiple predefined classes by assigning it to a specific label.